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Blowing Machines

Glass blowing machines RBM, developed by GLAMACO, based company’s 50-year experience in glass technology and machine construction. GLAMACO blowing machines are appreciated for their reliability, performance, high productivity and cost-effective operation.

Characteristics of the blowing machine RBM:

  • Capable of producing a wide range of quality products (tumblers, coffee pots, bowls, vases, hard glass lamp bulbs, lab ware)
  • Extremely precise and uniform dimensions
  • High production efficiency and continuous trouble-free operation
  • Simple and quick job change
  • Easy operation and maintenance – economical operating costs

The machine consists of:

  • Gob loading system
  • Machine turret with 10 – 32 blow stations

Blowing Machines RBM_specifications

  • Blow station with divided working tables
  • Single motor drive system for working table rotation
  • Unloader KWA for taking out the articles with moil
  • Control with synchronization to other equipment

04_Blowing_machine_RBM 30-130-1_2016

Special equipment:

1.   Servo gob loading system

  • Compact construction with high reliability for gob loading
  • Linear servo motor driven press station
  • Direct torque servo motor driven suction head (without gear unit)
  • Press force adjustable
  • Press speed and stroke adjustable
  • Use able for line speed up to 60 cuts per minute

21_Gob loading station_2016

2.   Divided working tables

  • in order to avoid breaking the glass article from the glass ring
  • the glass article to be removed with the complete moil
  • there is no glass grit dirt inside the glass articles
  • the construction principle: 3-divided working table


3.   Servo sub station

  • the sub station rotate together with the working table
  • support for parison during forming process in a controlled manner (lowering the     bottom)
  • servo electric driven (vertical stroke)
  • air cooled

4.   Electrical control

  • powerful PLC system controls the machine
  • all drives and movements are automatically synchronized in real time to the actual machine speed
  • the operator can adjust a lot of parameters to achieve a high and stable product quality
  • parameters can be loaded (initialized) by predefined recipes or changed online without interrupting production process
  • the graphical oriented HMI (Human Machine Interface) makes operating easy and transparent
  • ergonomically designed screen masks support analysis of machine state, editing of parameters and recipes, handling of errors and messages
  • the operator can activate/inactivate predefined functions for each station using the local operator panel nearby the blow head

5.   Blowing process


  • Two different pressures (adjustable)
  • Three adjustable section
  • Impulse rate max. 4 per sec. for blowing

Final blow:

  • One adjustable pressure
  • Three adjustable sections
  • Impulse rate max. 4 per sec. for blowing process