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Equipment Glass Industry

Machines for Technical and Domestic Glass Ware

GLAMACO delivers glass technology and machinery for production plants for borosilicate glass, hard glass lamp bulbs and table ware.

Our offer:

  • Planning your facility depend on your glass production program
  • Selection the machines for your plant depend on glass type, furnace capacity, article spectrum and production speed
  • Basic layout of your glass works with all medium supplies
  • Production and assembly machinery by GLAMACO specialists:
  • Production lines
  • Feeders
  • Blowing machines
  • Special parts for modernization of second hand blowing machines
  • Burn off machines
  • Spout forming machines
  • Handle ware making machines
  • Fire polishing machines
  • Laser hot cutting machines
  • Lehr loader (Charger)
  • Transport and handling systems
  • Production and line control systems and also
  • Batch chargers
  • Test all machines in cold test by GLAMACO
  • Delivery of all machines to the customer
  • Installation/Commissioning of all equipment for the plant
  • Training for your staff by our specialists
  • Production support
  • After sales service

GLAMACO can of course also integrate machines and equipment of other manufacturers in complete plants, e.g. color printing machines or test and inspection equipment.

In the hot area the raw glass products are passed on synchronously to the further processing stations by handling and transport systems. In this process the glass articles may be turned or transferred without being turned.

Examples for glass articles:

  • Tea- and coffee pots
  • Laboratory glass ware
  • Table ware (tumblers, stem ware)
  • Hard lamp bulbs
  • Vases
  • Jugs and cups

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