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Parts of Blowing Machines

Servo driven gob loading units

Replacement of the existing loading unit allows to increase the production speed of blowing machine with better quality of glass tablet forming.

For high speed blowing processes until 60 pcs./min. GLAMACO propose a gob loading unit with one press head and two suction arms.


Divided working table for your existing blowing machine

Divided working tables allow the glass articles to be taken out together with the residual tablet by means of a removing unit.

Advantages through the use of divided working tables:

  • Improved quality and thus higher quantity
  • Removal of glass articles with residual tabletNo glass grit produced in the process
  • Continuous glass handling in production line mode
  • Improved glass distribution by more effective working ring geometry
  • Existing blow machines can retrofitted with this feature

The divided working tables have been successfully used, e.g. in

BGIF – China

Kimble – USA

Telux – Germany

Slovglas – Slovakia

Stölze Oberglas – Germany

KROSNO S.A. – Poland