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Screw batch charger

For special glass processes GLAMACO deliver also screw chargers for batch and cullet, called batch chargers.

In various forms, these systems are in successful and reliable use in some glassworks in the whole world still today. Our systems distinguish by a long lifetime, reliability, simple method of construction and a well controllable function for glass depth level precision up to 0.2 mm. The range of capacity of our machines reaches from 1 to 100 ton per day.

Preferred application fields are production of water glass, different types of fiber glass, glass wool and something similar. Our screw chargers distinguished by the fact that they are absolutely closed against furnace atmosphere.

Technical features

  •   The machines can process a density of mixed batch  approx. 1.5 ton per m3
  •   Coolant system with water and water flow control

 Scope of delivery

  •   Charger
  •   Control system
  •   Level measuring sensors
  •   Rails