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Spout Forming Machines

Spout Forming Machine SFM 12/2 NC, developed by GLAMACO Engineering GmbH, based company’s 50-years experience in glass technology and machine construction. GLAMACO machines are appreciated for their reliability, performance, high productivity and cost-effective operation.


Characteristics of the spout forming machine SFM 12/2 NC:

  • Capable of producing a wide range of quality products (tumblers, coffee and tea pots, lab ware, jugs)
  • Extremely precise and uniform dimensions of the spouts
  • High production efficiency and continuous trouble-free operation
  • Simple and quick job change
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Economical operating costs


The machine consist of:

  • Article loading system
  • Centering station for articles
  • Double measuring station for article height
  • 12 double stations for high productivity
  • Vacuum chuck system article transport
  • Two piece x-y-linear drive system for leading the spout forming rolls
  • Software for change the spout shape on line
  • Special three piece unloading system (for high production speed)


Special equipment

1. Electrical control

A powerful industrial PC system of Siemens S7 type controls the machine. All drives and movements were automatically synchronized in real time mode to the actual machine speed by a fast optical link. The operator can adjust a lot of parameters to achieve a high and stabile product quality. These parameters could be loaded (initialized) by predefined recipes or changed online without interrupting production process. The graphical oriented HMI (Human Machine Interface) makes operating easy and transparent. Ergonomically designed screen masks support analysis of machine state, editing of parameters and recipes, handling of errors and messages.

2. Software control for spout shape

If the spout shape is sub optimal the technologist could optimize this shape without to stop the process. With four (or more) points the software can calculate a spout forming curve and with a mouse click the operator is able to change the spout shape for the next article.