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Burn off Machines

Burn-off machines (Hot cutting machines) developed by GLAMACO based on company’s 50 years experience in glass technology and machine construction. GLAMACO burn off machines are appreciated for their reliability, performance, high productivity and cost-effective operation. All our machines are provided with GLAMACO Divided Working Tables (DWT) allow the glass articles to be taken out together with the residual tablet by means of a removing unit.

There are two different machine types of burn off machines available:

Single station machines Type BOM 01NC

  • is a full automatically single drive machine
  • feeding of glass articles possible by hand or by robot

Continuously running rotary machines with high produktivity Type BOM 20 E

  • with 20 stations
  • also available with 24 or 30 stations

All our machines are usable for different gases: NG, LPG and H2.